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Feast of the Holy Family

I’m sitting in a hotel room at 9 am on Sunday morning and my entire family is still asleep. We spent last night celebrating the marriage of two of the young adults from the School of Humanity, the second couple in the group to wed in the last month.

It is without a doubt that we need good holy priests and religious for the life of the Church but it is of equal task to have good holy families.

I saw a quote circulating not too long ago: “Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

There’s so much implication with that but what it really calls you into is to be someone who loves and loves freely, authentically.

When I looked around the room last night, I knew that the union of this new family (#vamosvelazquez) is not just the beginning but also an extension.

At one point, Jason and I were dancing. I was crying about how beautiful the night was and he whispered to me, “Look how big our family has gotten.”

The Feast of the Holy Family reminds us that our genealogy was not only redeemed by the Holy Family but also remains as the root that continues to enliven each family hereafter.

It is overwhelming to be loved, truly and deeply. That is what we all need, no matter young or old. We need to be loved. We need family.

Accepting the call to authentic freedom is a response to an invitation to join the Holy Family. Single or married. Ordained or laity. Man or woman. Adult or child. The wedding feast of the lamb is a giant family, dancing, embracing, laughing and being loved.

So, look around, take it all in. Look how big our family has become.

Vocations 1 of 3: Marriage

Love and the Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a great movie. The cinematography, the choreography, and the music weave a beautiful tale…of communion and ultimately love. (Spoilers ahead.)

PT Barnum starts out life being slapped across the face by a man of higher social stature while his father looks on and does nothing. This is a great distortion of love for PT and his father’s lack of defense, and the other man’s malfeasance tells PT that money equals success and success equals higher stature and ultimately power.

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