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Absorption of Shame

I remember the first time that I went into the confessional. I was converting to Catholicism and the whole concept was foreign to me. The confessor had no idea that it was my first time. I sat behind the screen and divulged my sins.

That was in 2008, and since then, I have gotten a bit more courageous. I confess deeper sins. I sit face to face with my confessor. I confess why I have sinned and not just the sin itself. Confession has become fuller for me and I hope it will continue to do that for the rest of my life.

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Love and the Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a great movie. The cinematography, the choreography, and the music weave a beautiful tale…of communion and ultimately love. (Spoilers ahead.)

PT Barnum starts out life being slapped across the face by a man of higher social stature while his father looks on and does nothing. This is a great distortion of love for PT and his father’s lack of defense, and the other man’s malfeasance tells PT that money equals success and success equals higher stature and ultimately power.

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My Latest on Word on Fire: The Happiest Place on Earth

We live fairly close to Disney and frequent those gates as often as we can. The last few times that I have gone, I’ve taken advantage of some pretty avid people-watching there.

Disney Park Goers are a wide array of people: young and old, in a rush, meandering about, men and women, etc. They all come for one reason: play.

But there is something about theme parks and adventure and Disney World particularly that summons to an inner child that needs to be released. It beckons us into freedom.

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Living the Resurrection

Episode 46 is up. Living the Resurrection! In this episode, we reflect on some of Jesus’ interactions after the resurrection. Thanks for listening!

Word on Fire: “The Flash,” Fear, and the Kenosis of Marriage

The Flash

My first blog for Word on Fire was posted today. Here it is! Thanks for reading:

I’m a huge fan of “The Flash.” The CW has had my viewership since they created “Supernatural.” I would count myself as a storyteller, and I know that every story always points back to the ultimate Creator. All of creation reaches back to its Creator. I look for that reality all around me, and most recently, I found it in “The Flash,” season 4, episode 16: “Run, Iris, Run.”

This episode has several themes: the isolating nature of fear, the natural call to holiness, and the altruism of marriage. For this, I would like to focus on the altruism of marriage or the kenotic love of the sacrament of matrimony.

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